Give Me One Minute And I Will Show You How

A simple goal setting tool can steer your life in the right direction!

Dear Fellow Success-Chaser…

Take just a minute to think about all the goals you’ve had… how much you faltered…and how inconsistent you been at pursuing your goals.

Now answer me honestly:

When you look at your present situation and try to compare them with your desired future,

How do you feel?

What do you feel?

Where is the feeling coming from?

Does this feeling impact your life positively or negatively?

And most importantly, do you know how to get rid of the feeling?

Be honest with yourself here:

The answer is “no” to all of these, and this might be your lucky day.

Because I’m going to help you answer these questions one by one.

You see when you compare your present situation with your desired future and you are not satisfied with what you see, you feel the deepest fear a human can feel, which is the fear of the unknown.

You have this feeling because you lack clarity, which leads to lack of motivation, action, and hope for a better future.

It is almost like feeling depressed, but I do not subscribe to all those self-deprecating identities, because all they do is make you feel worse of a bad situation.

Now, how has this impacted you life?

I guess at this point (since you have clarity of the problem), you should be able to tell whether this feeling has impacted your life positively or negatively.

However, the solution is to gain perfect clarity.

It is crucial that everyone on planet earth rethinks their life:

This is what the triad template helps you to achieve.

It gives you the opportunity to rethink your life in three main foundations, (which is the idea behind a triad).

It is a three stone foundation that allows you to…

place your pot of desires on them, and boil your goals down to the hottest degree possible.

What you will achieve with this free template:

  • Write down your desires.
  • Craft complimentary goals.
  • Refine your goals daily.

Write down your desires:

This is often overlooked because people do not understand the purpose of writing, they think they are writing to a journal that will remind them of what they need to do.

And so the limiting belief goes, “If I need a reminder, then I’m probably not ready”.

But what they do not know is that the purpose of writing down your goal is to reinforce them as a memory in your mind through the action of writing.

The action of writing down your goals impacts your life, more than the actual content in the written goal.

You are basically growing a muscle of memory that holds together, not your body, but your goals.

Craft complimentary goals:

Just as the action of writing down your goal is very important, so are the goals themselves.

An athlete builds muscle strength, while a bodybuilder builds muscle mass.

If your identity is an athlete, Your goal is muscle strength.

If your identity is a bodybuilder, your goal is muscle mass.

Know your identity, so that you won’t be busy building muscle mass when all you need is strength.

Refine your goals daily:

you need to show up everyday to refine these goals.

Repetition is key here, Just like everything in life.

You need to lift a thousand pounds before expecting to grow a pound of muscle.

Reach out to a thousand prospects before expecting to sign a single client.

Repeat this process like your life depends on it, because it actually does.

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