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Published 30 November 2023

A pot filled with water cannot boil on a single stone

I don’t know if you’ve ever used a triad before

but It is a set of three stones that is used to cook with a wooden fire.

You need to balance the pot on these three stones,

keep space underneath for the fire to bloom directly under the pot.

but if you only care about cooking without all these fundamentals in mind, you will end up setting your pot on a single stone

Which is just exactly like trying to achieve a certain goal without caring about the consequences of your sacrifices.

Your water being boiled is equivalent to your goal being achieved.

Setting your pot on a single stone is equivalent to sacrificing your goals.

If you do not care about the fundamentals of achieving your goals,

you will end up making too much unnecessary sacrifices.

Every Achievement Comes With A Sacrifice.

Every achievement comes with a sacrifice.

The three main domains of your life are health, wealth, and relationships.

In order to build a business,you will have to spend more time awake

that is you sacrificing health for wealth

In order to improve your health through exercise,

you will have to spend less time with your loved ones

that is you sacrificing your relationships for health

This is a reminder that everything is a transaction

You have to give in order to get, there isn’t any other way

Every goal requires sacrifice

Sacrifices affect your present situation both positively and negatively

In order to be aware of the challenges you are bound to face,

You need to weigh the positive effects of your actions against the negatives

This allows you to be mentally prepared and not waiver when the difficulties arise

What we will discuss:

  • Why you can’t eat your cake and have it
  • Conflicting priorities
  • Alignment of priorities
  • Consistent motivation
  • Lack of clarity is more expensive than time
  • My evolution from hustle to creativity
  • The sacrifices required for your goals

Side note before we start — You can get access to the frameworks I use to write my emails, newsletters, tweets, and any creative copy by clicking here. Without further ado, Let’s get started.

You Can't Eat Your Cake And Have It.

Everything is a web, not a string.

The energy to pursue life goals are reliant on your health.

The health to pursue life goals are reliant on your wealth.

The wealth to pursue life goals are reliant on the relationships you keep.

The tricky part is that you spend one to get the other, but do not get overwhelmed here, because the resource you spend is determined by your current situation

Just like in marketing, you have to spend more time doing cold outreach when you lack the financial resource to run paid advertisements.

But when you get clients to work with, then you can now spend that financial resource in order to save more time

It is a push and pull idea, you just need to be aware in order to avoid distractions that takes you away from clarity.

The more you are aware of the stage of life that you are, the better.

Conflicting Priorities.

There was a guy I found on YouTube named Matt D’Avella,

His son was just recently born.

He prioritizes his sleep a lot, and always wore his smart watch all night even before his child was born

He wanted to know how much the birth of his son affected his sleep, so he continued wearing the smart watch that tracks his sleep.

Before the child was born, he was getting an average of 7 hours of sleep

Just a little bit of time awake during the night.

But after the child was born he was getting a staggering,

No, not staggering, but a measly 3 hours of sleep.

Do you now see that a conflicting priority is just like Matt’s baby on one hand and the smart watch on the other

While you might be thinking to either remove the smart watch or drop the baby,

the wise choice is to find a way to align those interest and minimize conflict in your life.

Alignment Of Priorities.

What are your core values?

What is that place you go to and you are always the last person that wants to leave?

What is that thing you scheduled for the next day that is keeping you up all night?

These are your desirable goals.

Goals that are in line with your interests.

Goals like playing football on Saturday mornings, Or watching the London derby at the emirates.

Every other goals are subordinate, and all they do is to help you achieve these main goals.

These subordinate goals are unique to you based on your main goals, and that is the alignment you’re looking for.

If you do not like sitting in the same spot for long and you want to learn coding, you are losing the game right from the start.

Choose a winning game.

A game that is easy and enjoyable for you to play.

This is what brings about consistency.

Consistent Motivation.

Consistency comes at the perfect intersection of your interest and goals.

It is the universal set that combines all your interest in the set theory of your life.

If you find yourself constantly struggling with an action towards your goal, stop and think, is this action in line with my interests?

Most likely you will find it to be the main reason for inconsistency.

Consistency is overrated and unnecessary when you are doing what you enjoy.

Lack of clarity is more expensive than time.

Even though time is the most expensive resource, you will waste more of it when you lack clarity.

If an individual is trying so hard to cut down a tree, they need clarity to know that they have been using the blunt end, 

Which is not an effective strategy for cutting down a tree, and spend some time away to go and sharpen the axe.

It is true that they will have to spend less time trying to actually cut down a tree.

but it will definitely save them more time in the long run.

My Evolution From Hustle To Creativity.

A few years back I started my freelance journey I was introduced to a course that taught me freelance affiliate marketing.

This course introduced me to a lot of digital skills, including landing page building, upsells, downsells, email copywriting and email marketing. 

These are skill that were definitely crucial to the success of any marketing campaign.

But it wasn’t enough because traffic was needed to get people to the funnel in the first place, opt-in their email, before retargeting begins.

So I started doing cold DMs on all social platforms. But this strategy was not effective enough, because I basically turned myself into a self employed 9-5 worker.

This is the case because, all the cold DMs either turned to a single sale or no sales at all.

I was not building leverage along the way.

At this point I completely forgot about the importance of building an email list because I only cared about making that affiliate commission.

But after so many strategy, I realized I had to be a creative worker, this is how I can determine my income

At least if I’m going to be hustling, I want it to be on my own terms, not some 30% commission over an $100 product.

I wanted to go to the digital product route, but again, Just like in affiliate marketing, I had no traffic to send to the product,

But there was one more thing I could do which is to have a creativity business.

A creative business is something that leverages someone’s interest, allows you to practice your craft while making money doing what you enjoy and having fun.

So I asked myself, what do I enjoy doing? 

The answer was telling story, not just stories but positive argument with people on topics that will make our lives better. 

I realized I would sit all evening with my uncle to talk about things like politics, even though I do not have interest in politics. 

I once sat for hours in order to convince him to stop watching news because I feel like it’s a total waste of time unless you’re trading stocks, or foreign exchange. 

So for me, a successful conviction, through positive argument fulfills me. But I needed to make money while helping people make their lives better. 

The only way I could turn this trait of mine into a permissionless commodity,

was through copywriting I can do this both in content writing (which makes people lives better for free), 

and email copywriting (which earns me money while also making someone else’s business and life better).

This is what formed my creative work and saved me from the hassle of selling products that do not give me an ounce of fulfillment.

The Sacrifices Required For Your Goals.

The energy needed for business relies on your health.

The free time needed to always workout relies on your wealth.

The resource needed to attain relationship success relies on both.

Keep this in mind when making a decision about change. 

Now that we have talked about how conflicting priorities hinders your progress, how consistency is overrated, and how aligning your interest with your goal is the solution for consistent motivation, 

Let’s talk about the step-by-step process to effectively get yourself ready for change and actually conquer your interests.

Gain Perfect Clarity of Interest:

The first step in gaining clarity is to write down your deepest, and basic desires.

Things like traveling around the world, or even a night out with the most beautiful life partner. 

Think of a scenario in your day in the next 10 years that will feel the most fulfilling.

Write down the environment, the people you’re there with, the time of the day, the dress you’re wearing, and any other desires that you have.

These desires forms the basic foundation of your goals and aspirations in life.

If there is any goal you’re pursuing right now that doesn’t help you to fulfill those desires, 

this is where you become truly aware of how they are not helping you and let go of them. 

This is how to know if you truly wanted to become an engineer, or a musician.

Craft New Goals to Pursue Those Interests:

If you want to have a very beautiful and intelligent life partner, you have to be a high value man.

If you want to be an high value man, you need to stop all self depravation act like watching online memes and porn.

Start valuing real life conversation, by socializing with people at real places like gyms and sport centers. 

At this stage, as cliche as this sounds, you need to write down all the goals that are 3-6 months, 1 month, 1 week and 1 day away from achievement, and in line with your interests.

Show Up Everyday to Craft Daily Goals: 

We have discussed earlier about the effect of lacking clarity and how it hinders progress. 

Writing down your goals only gives you clarity at that point in time, 

If you wrote down a monthly goal, it only takes a few to forget the intricate details of that goal.

And do not forget that this monthly goal is what you are trying to work towards every week,

And these weekly goals are what you’re working towards everyday.

It all ties together like a chain link. 

And the only way to make sure that you don’t end up tangling those links is to show up everyday to craft new daily goal. 

This way, if you didn’t achieve your yesterday’s goal you will be reminded instantly of how you’ve started losing momentum.

This is what gives you the constant clarity of the path to take on the bridge that links your present situation to future aspirations.

We have come to the end of this letter, 

If you want to craft your interests, goals, and pursue those goals, 

there is a free notion guide that I created to make it easy for you gain perfect clarity over your interest, craft your goals, and make it easy to show up everyday. 

You can grab the free notion template here.

I’ll see you in the next one.

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